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Buggs came into my life in 2005 and I realized that he had a very playful personality and needed to be challenged in mentally stimulating ways. He's a natural at picking things up with his mouth and in a very short time he learned to drop a ball through a hoop, open a mailbox and retrieve the mail, ring a bell, smile, bow, pound out notes on an electronic keyboard, and paint.

Creating paintings together (he does the painting, I pick out the colors) has stretched me as an artist and I like that we spend the time together in a positive way. Many paintings have been donated to help raise funds for various horse charities.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently visted Buggs. You can view their video here.

Buggs was also featured on Fox News! You can listen in on their conversation with Carol here.

If you would like to contact Carol about Buggs, you can email her at: ipaintwithhorses@gmail.com.

Many people have asked the question, "Where can I see Buggs at work (or play) and how can I view his artwork?"

Buggs does have a Facebook page where you can see his latest creations and hear about upcoming events.

He paints on many different mediums from canvas to wearable art. Recently we have branched out into textile design with the unique Buggs Baggs line of bags and purses and also unique pendants that are created from drawings Buggs creates with permanent markers.

You can find some of Buggs' artwork at the links below. Please contact Carol to schedule a meeting to see his latest artwork.

View Buggs on Facebook.

Shop Buggs' artwork on Etsy.


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